Traditional Attraction “Peresean”

Lombok Martial Arts : Tradition  attraction on this one fall into the category of dance, in an effort to preserve the tradition, especially one of the interesting traditions in Lombok is Peresean (in Lombok) or bakaraci (in Sumbawa). possible for people outside the region of NTB is not humane tradition but for the indigenous people of this tradition precisely in Lombok is a traditional ceremony to establish brotherhood and add friends.
“Peresean”  is the martial arts community by using a rattan Sasak (penjalin in Sasak language) as a weapon and a shield or rectangular made of deer skin or cow skin (ende in Sasak language). These skills naturally regenerated by the community as a folk game which then developed in a more organized in the form of the game event, held at the village, subdistrict, district until after the island of Lombok.
Traditional attraction “peresean” conducted by male adolescents and adults who complain martial skills with the ability of rattan canes game with the main target of the opponent’s head. The game is said to complete when there is between a pair of fighter to beat the opponent section head (chin up) until dripping blood. Someone who already have good skills will be given the title “Pepadu” (fighter). A fighter with the ability of its ready to accept the target “anyone”. To give birth to a “Pepadu” will naturally selected when he emerged as winners in various games.
Pepadu (fighter) in the forming process running physical and spiritual exercise. Physical exercise is generally conducted related to daily physical activity as a fighter, carrying heavy loads, etc.. Skills play a rattan cane as a weapon obtained from direct instruction when they watch the technical blow by the more senior “papadu” event during the game or come sit with him. In this game there is also a rattan cane that pepadu which seeks to develop technical game technical with branch and trident on the martial arts (silat). A spiritual Traffic pepadu in sharpening through spiritual charging by a spiritual teacher through a ritual process which he believes. Related to this, the traditional martial arts is called “PERESEAN” that comes from the word “per-isi-an” meaningful fill power.
Because this is a cultural tradition and original art Lombok so not surprisingly, to become a Pepadu also through several processes in accordance with the myths and traditions that are believed society.
Preparation made ​​before playing a pepadu bath at the junction of two streams meeting times, showered with water lingkok. (water is obtained by making small holes alongside a river), rub the body with a coarse foliage. The process of filling this science called “Bejariq” means entering a magical power into the body. Before leaving to fight the Pepadu place will be cleaned by his mother’s shoulder with a broom made ​​from “kroman” or stalk of rice.
Some restrictions and the cause of defeat is believed to be by Pepadu for example, came out to compete when there is death in the village, dream shower, having a husband – wife, to see genitals and breasts of women, met with the cleft or the blind side.
peresean is also used in the ceremony of “ngayu-ngayu” or also called “Nede” namely traditional ceremonies to invoke the rain. The ceremony is held the dry season led by a spiritual figure in the tradition of sasak called “Mangku”. Master of ceremonies perform a ceremony to cut the animal sacrifices in the form of woven, goat or cow as a symbol of offerings to the natural ruler. Participants were invited to the ceremony with a prayer asking that the natural ruler rained down their farms in order to succeed. Ceremony followed by a meal together around the spring with a dish that specially arranged in a container named “Dulang Tinggang” This container is made of slabs of wood that has a foot-shaped pillars. Inside the container are arranged neatly foods side dishes and fruit.
After the ceremony continued with the showing of peresean by fighter / Pepadu originating from the local village. Arena game enough piece of land in a field of approximately 10 m2 ring boundary is marked only by rows of spectators who assembled. Usually the fight carried out by at least three pairs of fighters. Interestingly when one of the fighters got caned section head and bleeding (Sasak: Leaking), then the audience would yell “aiq, aiq, aiq … .. !! “Which means” water, water, water … …! “. The cry was for water was significantly reduced immediately by the Creator into the earth.
1. Class Distribution
Fighter in peresean divided into 3 classes, teen classes, adult classes and class “Pepadu”. In the teen class with a class called “beginner” or “berajah / ngurukan” adult classes are usually called “Cashew beneq” or looking for prospective candidates Pepadu / Fighter. What is the highest class “Pepadu” or they are fighting the warlords who often represented the region to do battle in a game at the district and provincial levels.
The difference between these classes is that if the usual adult beginners class and compete, the official organizer of the selection to rival each pair of players. A “pekembar” / weights are giving consideration to decide a match couples based on the size of body posture and age. As for the class “Pepadu” they do not need to look for opponents based on physical size or age. This class is called by ‘Mate Tanding’ means no use of physical size or age. Every person who holds “Pepadu” ready to fight anyone indiscriminately. They are considered to have the technical ability and magic that has been qualified.
2.Arena and Equipment
Broad arena peresean adjusted with the level of activity with an estimated capacity crowd. For the arena game takes approximately 12 m2 to 30 m2. Common arena in the form of squares or rectangles. In a matter of magic in this direction and the presence versus the sitting position the fighters can determine victory. Usually when one fighter group present in the arena, his spiritual advisor gives guidance where they will sit on pepadu.
  • Peresean tools consist of:
Rattan cane with a diameter of 2 cm – 2.5 cm. with a length of 110 cm. Rattan is made ​​in pairs with the same criteria of length, as large and as strong. For once implementation is usually the organizers set up around 10-15 pairs.
Rattan-cane peresean is formed in such a way by winding thread mattress at the base, middle and end so as not slippery and gives effect to the punch.
Ende – or shield made ​​of wood and bamboo frame covered with deer skin or cow skin. Ende size is typically 40 x 60 cm. At the center of the rear provided a tool holder from the timber for ease in lifting and driven.


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